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Whimsically curious about life and the use of the camera to capture that whimsy, our photographer began his quest at a young age. Though distracted by various schools and career paths, he finally accepted fate and began shooting in earnest 25 years ago.

Not one to stick to a proven path, he has wandered through different mediums, settling finally on digital photography, with the occasional dalliance into 35 mm film. He is most comfortable trying to discover the essence of a flower, capture the serenity of a river or the magnitude of a building. There are off moments when he turns his lens on people, but those are rare and likely will not be seen by the public.

Sensuality and texture are his ultimate goals. Our photographer looks at the world with more than just his eyes. He “sees” with his hands, nose, ears and inner being. When he looks at a subject, he seeks to discover its essence. Many times it is the pure form, other times it is a variation.



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The photos in the galleries have received minimal editing. They are essentially shot and shown. The magic of the process is in the capture, not the manipulation of the image. Our photographer will delve into many areas. He is on a path; your observation is welcome.


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