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Are you a serious artist who would like the opportunity to affordably
display and sell your art on-line?

Thank you so much for asking about Creative Galleries!

When I began Creative Galleries, it was because I couldn't find an existing gallery already on the internet that I liked. I wanted something that had reasonable rates, did not charge commissions on what I sold, did not lure me into the gallery and then have an expensive 'premium plan' that I would need, did not charge extra for e-commerce, did not want me to give them my files so that they would print and sell my work, did not have a bunch of advertising banners etc., would not make me sign a long term contract, would treat me like a real person, not give me a bunch of hype, be fair, have a gallery that was easy to navigate, have a gallery that I would not get 'lost' in, and have a gallery that looked attractive and professional. Well ... I could not find one.

So, being a web master, I figured the only alternative was to make one myself. And, now that I have .... it is the most rewarding and wonderful thing that I could have done. Not only have I made great friends but it is much more exciting having other very talented artists to work with!!!


Many people simply don't have the time to get into website buiding, domain registrations, finding good hosting - or - don't want to pay a web site designer to make them a web site.

My online gallery is a viable and good alternative.


I guess I will begin by listing what you get from Creative Galleries. I make it very very easy to sell on-line. I do all of the work for my artists ... you do not have to try to put together a do-it-yourself web site. I do all the e-commerce set up also. I NEVER CHARGE COMMISSIONS. The web site includes:

1. An artist bio page and an artist-at-work page with as many photos of yourself as you would like

2. A gallery page featuring up to 12 thumbnail photos of the artist's work. Each thumbnail on the gallery page will link to an enlargement page with a "full size picture" and information about the art work including purchasing information.

3. Most of the artists sell their own work. I set up a real honest-to-goodness e-commerce web site so that anyone can sell right from their web site and take credit card payments via Pay Pal. I also have a sales-form if an artist wants to take checks or money orders.

4. You will be 'linked to' from our "artists" page which is a listing of all artists in alphabetical order

5. You will have all of your thumbnails displayed on our art-by-category pages and they all will link back to your gallery. (For instance .. if someone is looking for a print of a horse .... they will go to our art-by-category horse page and there will be able to see all of the horse pictures that are on Creative Galleries. If they decide they like yours they will click on it and be taken to your individual gallery. This is a great way to get people who have something specific in mind to your gallery very quickly)

6. A unique web address :

7. A real POP 3 e-mail account :

8. All this for a very very reasonable price.

And I am available to you as a person. You will have my home phone number and my home address. My artists are not just clients .. they are my friends.




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