That's Right!

Make a camera out of Bondo?

What was I thinking?

Get a 4x6 generic box at the craft store. Get a can of Bondo. Get an old film holder. Get some Glad Press'n Seal

Press the Glad tight all over the parts of the film holder.

We are going to mold a 4x5 back.

Mix the Bondo, slop in on the holder and some on the box and squish them together. Flip upside down and put something heavy on it.

This stuff sets too fast! Then takes 24 hours to cure. Gently pull the holder out of the Box.

Slit the Glad and measure what the focal length will be. 36mm or so for this one.


I don't know about this.

I pulled off the Glad from the Bondo. It's a perfect fit for the film holder, but the Bondo set up so fast that it doesn't look very strong in some places and is way too think in others.

Maybe try another tactic. Epoxy?

There ought to be something easier than the lost wax casting method.

was in Lowes tonight looking in the caulking aisle for something preferably opaque that would set in about 10 minutes. Most of the stuff looked poisonous enough to only be used outdoors on a breezy day. Any ideas on how to cast a press fit to a film holder? i.e. molding a camera back?


Work resumed on this one. I mixed up small amounts and did one side at a time. This is when I wish I had a belt sander.

So, I took my Dremel to it to take off some of the sharp edges. Then I found my 1/4-20 T-nut wasn't long enough. So instead of drilling a hole like one should, I epoxied it. Then when that set, I put Bondo all around the T-nut and Dremeled away at the side so it would clear the tripod mount.

Next, get rid of the stickers on the box. Denatured alcohol (or not) works well.

India ink on all the inside spaces and along the shelves where the holder will sit.

It's a work in progress.

The Lenox Laser hole just arrived today. I've got some knobs and the screws are too long. Callum: A play on camera names. Contax, Pentax, Bondax and the only Claytax is at

I suppose I could have gone the Nicca, Iloca, Leica route and named them Clayca and Bondoca.

Attach two drawer knobs to the top and two to the bottom.

Then put three knobs evenly across the remaining top of the box.

Oops, well maybe two will work.

Stay tuned. It might be a total failure.

This is pinholin' for fun.

I drilled a 1/2 inch hole for the pinhole to set into, but when I positioned the pinhole - it looks like a lot of vignette because the box is too think. So, I countersunk a bigger hole around it.

(Totally backwards - off center - no drill press - just determination.)

Went back and found another knob and epoxied it.

Now looks like a good time to make it look better using paint.

Hmmm, didn't mean to make a left handed camera.

Put the T-nut so that the film holder goes into the left side.

Mixing up a small bit of epoxy, take a toothpic and lay a bead around the hole. (Best done by bringing the toothpic with epoxy on it through the opening from the inside and rolling the epoxy off onto the top side perimeter.)

Carefully drop the pinhole onto the rim of the hole.

Tamp down with a toothpic to seal it.

And as usual, since I can't make handy dandy shutters like ElrodCod, glue a step up ring to the front to accommidate a snap on cap for a shutter and any filter.

Not too small though - it could vignette.

Calling it finished.

Took it along today with some film holders and it needed to have some of the overhang removed from the edge so that I could grab ahold of the film holder and not the slides.

Found a good assortment of elastic bands and found one size not too tight and not too loose. The bands go from the camera to the rear plate. One band from the top and one from the bottom - each end. Two spares

It works!