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~ Daryl Duckworth ~

Severely infected by the shutterbug at the innocent age of 15, the disease progressed quickly and steadily as I later became a high school yearbook staff photographer and also worked in industrial color separation. While attending Colorado State University my mind was supposed to be on Chemistry and Physics but my heart was with a Leica camera. Switching careers to the electronics field for the next 35 years there was a mild remission of my condition, but a Pentax nodule failed to completely dissolve. In the very late 1900s I suffered a total relapse, falling into a chronic, indeed abject case of what I call "photoneurosis". There is no hope for my recovery. I stubbornly refuse any treatment for this condition! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Artist's Statement:

Beauty is abundant for those who look for it. In the strenuous endeavor to formulate an appropriate artist's statement, I find that I am striving for a fundamentally necessary understanding of an objective ontology of aesthetic value.

All works rendered with archival pigments on canvas to the highest Giclée standard.


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