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~ Richard Sallee ~

"A renaissance man"

(less formal ... a jack of all trades) Dick studied (and holds a degree in) chemical engineering, he studied singing and sang professionally, was an ardent amateur magician, and became a self taught and very proficient photographer.

His photographic work has ranged over three continents and ten countries, from the majesties of European cathedrals to the play of light on otherwise unnoticed details in the hearts of flowers.

He first became interested in photography in college. After graduation Uncle Sam called and suddenly Dick was in the Chemical Corps. A year long sojourn in Japan gave him a great opportunity to photograph the beauty of that country, with unlimited darkroom access to develop (no pun intended) and practice the craft of photography. On returning to civilian life he managed to fit photography and singing into his work schedule. After forty years in industrial sales, he retired from that field and became busier than ever, but now Dick could be busy at what he most wanted to do - and that was photography.

With the advent of digital processing all those techniques of the dark (smelly) room could be brought out into the light. To paraphrase Steven Katzman Dick decided to open the darkroom door, let all the dark out and enter into the digital light.


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Congratulations to Dick Sallee on winning 2nd place with his "Chicory" photograph!
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Another congratulations to Dick Sallee! His online gallery was viewed by a photoclub
and they were so impressed with his work they
e-mailed him these praises!

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