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Congratulations, Dick, on your fine work!


Judges reaction to Chicory photograph. MCC photo club, Brisbane, AU

38. Chicory. SECOND PLACE. This is the type of work we should all be aiming at when doing close up work. It has great saturated colour and has an excellent depth of focus as well as being side flashed for a more vivid effect. The background black makes the subject stand out even more. The sharpness is exceptional even down to the detail of showing the hair on the stems and leaves. Even though the rules say odd numbers you have successfully smashed this rule and produced a great photograph. Be proud of what you have achieved. I would be if it were mine.


Judges reaction to Mansfield Res. Photo, MCC photo club

Judge's Comments: HIGHLY COMMENDED: Isn't there some beautiful lighting in this photo? The placement of the formation of birds couldn't be better.

Others: From: Hansen (Canada) (cykhansen) (Oct 29, 2003 08:35 EST) Gorgeous natural photo - I'm very surprised it wasn't placed higher - like first place.

From: Grayce Pedulla Dillon, Fl, USA (itsbygrayce) (Oct 29, 2003 10:29 EST) Dick, This is really nice! The lighting is vg, and the birds add to the overall beauty. :-)

From: Suki (USA) (sisakson) (Oct 29, 2003 14:00 EST) The perfection in the formation really makes this image.

From: Rod Connan (rconn) (Oct 29, 2003 19:41 EST) A delightful image with the mist from the water and the V against a well imaged sky - one of my top 5



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