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As featured in Early American Homes Magazine - Christmas Issue for the "Year's Best Santas".

CHRISTMAS comes but once a year for most of us ... but for David DeHoff of Hanover, PA - Christmas is a year round project. Prepare to be transported to a Christmas fantasy land as you see his hand-crafted one-of-a-kind Santas and his elves. I think that you will find the time here most rewarding.

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Dave is also recognized as one of the top four manufacturers of silk and feather flowers in the United States. Such creations have been sold to magicians such as: Raymond of Westminster,Doug Henning, Disneyland, and Disney World to name only a few. Feather Flower Gallery


Dave DeHoff's "Father Goose Feather Christmas Trees" are handcrafted to resemble the original antique goose feather trees. Many tedious hours go into each tree, signed and numbered; truly a collector's delight


Hand made porcelain Fairy Dolls are one-of-a-kind originals made to museum quality standards. Graceful and charming - this is truly fantasy at it's best!

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Dave DeHoff's work has inspired many many letters of praise. Here are a few...

Mayor of Hanover PA - Christmas
Feather Flowers - Andre Kole
Feather Flowers - Goldfinger and Dove



As featured in Early American Homes Magazine Christmas issue for the year's best Santas.

Contact David DeHoff at :

David does commissioned work and
he welcomes inquiries.

Investors Wanted!

To finance and reap the benefits from my lifelong dream : “A Ride into the Magic of Christmas”

"All I want is the chance to create this magical wonderland and work the venue until I die. I only ask for a wage, you can keep all other income from this fascinating concept for yourself.

I envision a ride into the wonderland of snow and Holiday Season activities using sleighs, elves, children, animals, and beautiful sets which I am more than capable of designing and building. (references upon request) I also envision a gift shop and a museum to accompany this magical wonderland that, I believe, could earn someone a fortune. I have the dream ... the talent ... the sources of materials ... the time. I only lack the money necessary to make this a reality. There is a fortune to be make with my idea and I am the person who can hand it to you, asking only the chance to build it and manage it until I die."

The rest is yours. Let's talk!

Dave's dream is to give Christmas to the world. (Click Here to read about Davids Dream) Please read on to explore not only his talents and accomplishments but his dream to give Christmas to the world.


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