All Dave asks is to give to the world his worthwhile dream from GOD for all mankind to enjoy and marvel at. Only getting paid for his designs and his staff necessary to create this one of a kind Christmas ride and museum into the MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS with antiqe christmas decorations from around the world and much much more.All he asks is to put his name "DESIGNED BY DAVE DEHOFF".

Dave's qualifications are as amazing as the man himself. Please follow the links to experience his accomplishments for yourself!!!!


Investors Wanted!

To finance and reap the benefits from my lifelong dream : “A Ride into the Magic of Christmas”

All I want is the chance to create this magical wonderland and work the venue until I die. I only ask for a wage, you can keep all other income from this fascinating concept for yourself.

I envision a ride into the wonderland of snow and Holiday Season activities using sleighs, elves, children, animals, and beautiful sets which I am more than capable of designing and building. (references upon request) I also envision a gift shop and a museum to accompany this magical wonderland that, I believe, could earn someone a fortune. I have the dream ... the talent ... the sources of materials ... the time. I only lack the money necessary to make this a reality. There is a fortune to be make with my idea and I am the person who can hand it to you, asking only the chance to build it and manage it until I die.

The rest is yours. Let's talk!