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~ Chip Becker ~

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In second grade Chip Becker had a dream that he would become a famous artist, but like most of us, it was not the road he would travel for the first half of his life.

A near fatal accident that left him in a wheelchair, forced him to reevaluate what he wanted to do in his life, and created an opportunity for him to pursue the dream that he had as a child.

A long standing interest in woodworking and building and a past career in landscaping reinforced his use of unusual natural materials he uses to mimic natural textures. His technique is like none other. He says that his father and his uncle, both artists, have also greatly influenced his artwork. Chip specializes in 3-D wall paintings to create perspective and depth that utilizes every day materials in unusual ways. His work invites the viewer to walk up and touch his work.

Chip studied at York Academy of Commercial Arts and Bradley Academy. He has worked in Landscape Design and Photographic Set Design. He also does freelance graphic and illustration design for area companies.



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