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Keep your beautiful pieces in good condition by just applying some common sense "rules":

Where you display artwork is very critical. Always hang paintings in a stable environment. Extremes in temperature and humidity cause canvases and frames to expand and contract. Don't hang your print in direct sunlight, by heating or cooling or steam vents, close to sinks, showers, fireplaces, candles, or near cooking ranges. If you must ... at least protect your print with a uv glass front to help protect them.

Don't touch the front of prints with your fingers as any oils on your hands can deteriorate your art work.

Household pollution in your home will take its toll. Stay clear of aerosol sprays, insecticides, and cigarette smoke, all of which will destroy more than just your art prints.

Don't clean a print with water, oils, cleansers, polishes, sponges, or vacuums. Dust approx.. Every 6 months and use a light sable brush. (You can try a good quality makeup brush)

A great potential for damage occurs when paintings are handled and moved without care. Make sure that the frame is secure and carry the picture with the printed side and the frame front protected.

Make sure to hang them securely with strong hardware. Picture hooks are better than nails.

If you store your print, avoid damp basements or garages where the canvas and frames can mold. Also avoid the attic if it gets very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.

When painting your room, steam cleaning your carpets, or removing wallpaper it is advisable to remove your prints from the room until the walls or floors are completely dry.

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